Animator, Writer, Game Developer

Jasonafex stumbled his first steps in the wild outback lands of 1991 Western Australia on a warm winter day. His small family lived a humble life along the coast. Their religion of choice was a weekly dose of football, providing ample opportunity during the week to enjoy all the awesome furry cartoons and games that came with growing up in the 90's. Creative at heart, he would spend his free time making goofy animations in Flash, waving around ragdolls in Gmod and grand RPG adventures involving his friends in leading roles with RPGmaker.

It wouldn't be until he tried making furry animations on a whim that he realized he might be tapping into a community bigger than he ever knew could be possible. In no time at all, he found himself overwhelmed by new supportive friends, budding romance, and in enough demand to quit his job at the local newspaper to create content for the furry community full-time.

After a full decade keeping his nose down the grindstone, he now proudly dual wields his citizenships as an 'Austranadian' special summon, having tunneled deep into the crust of the earth and past it's core to emerge victorious in Ontario, Canada. Meeting and marrying his furry wife. Matching power levels, they work together on every project and are best known for weekly comics, monthly pinups and game releases every year. He feels incredibly grateful for the kindness and generosity of the community, feeling pumped to celebrate at it's grassroots. His core values of love and freedom has him excited and hopeful for the future and who he'll have the pleasure to meet along the way.


Artist, 2D Animator, 3D Modeler, Game Developer

Kabscorner sprouted atop her family's multi-generational farm in the cold corners of Canada. Surrounded by horses, pigs, parrots, dogs, sheep, cows, emus, and a couple of alpacas to name a few, she spent her days scribbling crude animals in her sketchbook and occasionally staring into the sun. 90's Movies such as the Lion King and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron were the fuel to her burning furry flame, designing her own OCs and making friends online who did the same.

Jumping ahead to the end of high school, she was now feeling bold enough to a make a splash with her art by breaking away from fan art and into her own anthro characters. She had no idea at the time that joining the community would lead to meeting the love of her life. Both were dedicated to make the longest distance relationship work despite completely opposite time zones, playing games and making art together until they could finally meet.

Fast-forward to today, she is now one of the community's most active and dedicated professional artists. She has produced hundreds of pinups, comic pages, and spearheaded the art direction of games for nearly a decade right beside her husband. Having drawn every day for as long as she can remember, finding her calling as an anthro artist felt just right. There have been times where she has sampled other fandoms, but none have come close to the fun of furry. What she has learned the most across her journey as an artist is that no matter the current social trends or drama, it's that people want to come together to express themselves. Whether you express that via art, fursuits, music, comedy or merely hanging out with friends, that's the bedrock of a community.

Also Returning:

Originally an Oklahoma native, Two "The Ranting" Gryphon will be returning to Free Fur All 2023 to provide you with evenings of comedy and his trademark rants. Be sure not to miss out on a chance to meet and greet this community icon and attend a rare opportunity for one of his live shows. Pre-register for Free Fur All today.

Also, be sure to pre-register and sign up for our premium add-ons for access to several additional exclusive events starring the infamous gryphon.

Flapping His Beak More Than His Wings

2 "The Ranting" Gryphon (Matthew Davis) crawled out from under a rock somewhere in the Northwest Arkansas area in the middle of 1972. With a Christian family, he was always encouraged to be inspired by his intelligence and use his passion upon which to focus his life.  
After an experiment in music turned to vocal 'rant' recordings published online, 2 was asked to perform comedy shows at a new and growing fictional based fandom—the Furries. Within this fandom (and soon, independently), he had performed live headline comedy shows all over the world. Having gained an appreciation for comedic discussion of culture, politics and occasionally, fart jokes, his comedic career in live comedy extended nearly 20 years. 
Unfortunately, in 2016, his excursion in comedy was considered "canceled" after being accused of being a "Homophobic, Transphobic, Misogynist, Racist, Nazi" for the usual sin of publicly declaring a belief and passion for the concept of free speech.  
Since that time, 2 has continued to entertain his audience with a YouTube channel where he continues to upload rants, comedy segments and commentary on another of his passions: video games.